Dunlop Tennis Bag Reviews

We might be a little old fashioned at but we love a minimalist tennis bag.

Nothing too fancy, but nice and sleek will do for us.

Dunlop Tennis Bags are some of the most in keeping with our minimalist preferences, but they also offer some real innovation when it comes to design.

If you’ve read any of my other tennis bag reviews, you’ll know I’m always banging on about ventilated pockets.

It’s a natural part of tennis that you’re going to end up with some stinky gear, so when I’m out and about at a tournament, I want as much ventilation as possible.

My shoes may be stinky, but my bag doesn’t have to be!

It seems that Dunlop and I think alike, as they have introduced what must be my favorite bag on the market, the Dunlop CX Performance Black 15 Pack-Bag, which has three separate, ventilated pockets!

Although Dunlop had me the moment I realized the CX Performance had three ventilated pockets, I took it out for a test run to discover just what you can expect from this bag.

While I was at it, I checked out the majority of their range, to help you pick out the perfect Dunlop tennis bag.

Best Dunlop Tennis Bags

Dunlop CX Performance 15 Racket Pack Bag

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Dunlop CX Performance 9 Racket Pack Bag

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Dunlop Srixon 8/12 Racket Pack Bag

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Dunlop Performance CX Backpack

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Dunlop CX Performance Hold All Duffel Bag

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Dunlop CX Performance 15 Racket Pack Bag

This tennis bag is available in all black or black and red, but it doesn’t matter which you choose, because they both look great.

Personally, I would take the all black one, but if you want to add a little color, go for the black and red.

The great thing about this bag is that there are so many thoughtful details on it.

The racket pocket has been reinforced with a strong mold to give your sticks extra padding and both racket compartments come with a flap at the end that stops everything falling out.

These are small details, but they show that Dunlop has really put thought into this tennis bag.

You get all the extras you would expect from a top quality tennis bag, with both racket pockets having a thermal lining that protects your racket from extreme temperatures and plenty of space for all your tennis kit.

The real show stopper with this bag is the huge amount of space that comes with ventilation.

It has a dedicated shoe pocket at one end, but both of the middle pockets are also ventilated.

This means you’ve got loads of space for your damp towel, used tennis clothes, and anything else that could use a little ventilation!

What’s more, this Dunlop tennis bag is extremely comfortable to carry.

The straps are well padded and easily adjust to fit your body.

I’m guilty of getting a bit carried away by the looks of a bag and find myself with a bag that’s uncomfortable to carry, but the Dunlop CX Performance was a winner on all fronts.

I would highly recommend this bag.

I couldn’t find anything bad to say about it, and obviously, found the 3 ventilated pockets to be a big bonus!

Dunlop CX Performance 9 Racket Pack Bag

The CX 9 Pack Bag has all the great features of the 15 pack bag, just in a slightly easier to manage package.

Not everyone needs a massive 15 pack racket bag, so for many, the 9 pack bag will be ideal.

I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be enough space in the 9 pack bag for 3 ventilated compartments, but worry not, you still get this great feature.

The only real difference apart from the size of the two bags is that the 9 pack only has one pocket with a thermal lining.

This doesn’t make a big difference though, as you tend to keep all your rackets in the one pocket.

Again, this bag is supremely comfortable to carry, with nicely padded straps that are easily adjustable and plenty of different ways to carry it.

I’m more of an over the shoulder kind of guy than someone who carries it on their back, but whichever way you carry it, you can do so in comfort.

Based on the price difference, I would be much more inclined to go for the 15 pack myself as I don’t mind a little extra space, even if it does make it a little more cumbersome.

If, however, you like something a bit more compact then the Dunlop CX Performance 9 Pack Bag is the way to go.

Dunlop Srixon 8/12 Racket Pack Bag

Having been replaced by the CX Performance Bag, these slightly older Dunlop Tennis Bags can be picked up for a pretty good price.

They’re not quite as innovative as the new ones, but they still look great and do everything you need them to.

The Srixon bag is available as either an 8 racket bag or a 12 racket bag, and you can get it in red and white or blue and white.

Again, the colors look nice and sleek and I really like the rounded shape of this bag.

You still get a nice sized racket pocket with thermal lining to keep your rackets in peak condition and a pocket for your shoes, but unfortunately, there aren’t the ventilated pockets on top that the CX Performance bag has.

The shoe pocket is actually in a slightly weird spot on this bag, located underneath the racket pocket.

This does mean it takes a little bit of space away from the racket pocket, which, if you like to throw a lot of rackets in your bag might be a problem.

This older racket bag might not be as good as the new CX Performance bag, but it still does a very good job and if you can get it on sale, it’s well worth the price.

Dunlop Performance CX Backpack

Much of the time, you just don’t need a massive tennis bag, and in these moments, a good backpack will do.

The Dunlop Performance CX Backpack is ideal for turning up at practices with all the items you need and means you don’t have to lug around a heavy bag.

Dunlop has kept this backpack elegantly simple, with an all black option or black with red trim.

I think it looks perfect for the tennis court, and again, Dunlop has come up with some nifty features.

I particularly like the padded tennis racket compartment which has stop zippers so that you can adjust the rackets to your preferences.

The racket compartment will hold two rackets while the other compartments will leave plenty of space for your shoes, a towel, and your other tennis accessories.

If you’re tired of constantly taking your tennis bag with you everywhere you go, then I would highly recommend the Dunlop Performance CX Backpack.

You can use this backpack for all kinds of things, so it is very much a multipurpose item.

I can imagine it would be perfect for if you were playing tennis after school. You can fit a few books in there as well as your gear.

Dunlop CX Performance Hold All Duffel Bag

This might make me a bit strange, but I love a good duffel bag.

They do absolutely everything.

Whether you're taking a short trip, a long trip, a trip to the gym, a trip to the tennis courts, a trip camping, a trip to the pool, it doesn’t matter, the mighty duffel has got you covered.

This bag isn’t quite as tennis focused as your regular racket bags.

For instance, it doesn’t have the thermal lining, but really, it does everything you need it to.

Dunlop have made a perfect blend of tennis bag and duffel bag with the CX Performance.

The main compartment is well thought out, with removable flaps that can create different compartments.

We went with our rackets in the middle compartment, which left plenty of space for everything else we needed.

There’s also an exterior shoe compartment to keep the smelly things separate from the nice things!

This bag could easily replace your regular racket bag and you wouldn’t be missing out on anything.

The backpack straps mean that it can be carried on your back or on your shoulder and it offers a great deal of versatility.

I don’t know if I’m ready to retire my traditional racket bag just yet, but this Dunlop tennis bag has certainly made me think about it.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Dunlop provides some of the most innovative tennis bags on the market.

All of the options that we tried out were brilliant. I really liked the duffel bag, but it was the 15 pack racket bag that won it for me.

I love the thought that has gone into this bag; particularly the ventilated compartments.

Everything about this bag is very good. It’s practical, comfortable, and it looks great!

I’m a believer that no matter what rackets you use you should get the best bag on the market.

You don’t need to be a slave to your racket brand, so go and check these great Dunlop tennis bags out!

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